Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jenny's Home!!

Yay! Jenny's back home! She has been at her mom's house this week, and has been gone since Sunday. The shared schedule between Jaime and Jenny's mother changed recently, and now she is spending one full week here with us, and one full week at her mom's. Before she was staying with her mom Monday-Thursday, and then she would be with us Thursday (after school) - Monday (before school). The schedule changed so that she wouldn't be changing homes in the middle of the week.

So far I guess this new schedule isn't that bad. Trust me, it's not easy to go a whole week without seeing her pretty little face or hearing her laugh. But we know it's better for her this way, and we will all just have to adjust. But I will say that it's also really great when she comes back and you know that she will be here ALL week! I know my mind starts racing with all of the possible things we can do: go to the park, makeovers, baking, watch movies, have girl's nights, the possibilities are endless!

Since Jenny doesn't get to be here all the time, I try to make sure we do lots of things while she is here. I try to make sure that we bake or cook something at least once during the time she's here, and on Friday's she and I stay up late and watch a movie and eat popcorn. I also try to make sure that she and Aiden get lots of time to play together. Jenny is a great big sister, and you can really see a bond between them!

The thing that upsets me most about her being gone a whole week, is that I can see how much it bothers Aiden. He has gotten used to her going to her mom's and being gone for a few days, but after 3 or 4 days he really starts to notice she's been gone too long. He has been walking around the house for at least 2 days now asking for Jenny. If someone says her name for any reason, Aiden starts to look for her. It is really pitiful. Although, the look on their faces today when they saw each other was incredible! For the first few minutes all Aiden could do was stare at her with a huge grin on his face. After those few minutes passed though, they were glued to each other! It was really great to see how happy they were to see each other. I know as they get older that they will be just like any other siblings and have their fair share of fights, arguments, etc. But I can already see that they will always have a bond, and when they are adults I know they will be great friends!

Sunday nights are family nights at our house. Tonight Jaime and I made hamburgers, and fried green onions. While we cooked the kids played with their new bouncy balls they got tonight at the grocery store. Then we sat down and had a really great time just eating together and being a family. After dinner it was bath time, and then bed time. Bath time is probably my favorite time of day. Aiden is ALWAYS making me laugh, especially when Jenny is here. Then they both make me laugh! Tonight they seemed to be extra entertaining, maybe because they have been away from each other for longer than usual. I'm not sure, but they sure were funny! Nights like tonight make me feel proud of my family, and really happy to be a part of it. I am definitely blessed in more ways than I can count, and for that I am grateful. =)

I hope you all had a great Sunday, and a great weekend! I have a doctor's appointment in the morning with the general surgeon who removed my gallbladder. Tomorrow will have been one week since the surgery. I'm assuming he is just going to take a look at the stitches and ask me how I'm feeling. I'll let y'all know about how it goes. Until then....goodnight! God Bless.

<3 I love my girl! <3


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Oh goodness, she is too cute! I love that the grown-ups are all working together to make things work for her.

Kelley said...

Beautiful phots!

Show Me Mama said...

How cute is she! Lovely pictures! I am your new follower from reaching 300 followers. My blog is

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